The Future

The page below represents what the same hospital-acquired practice’s web presence could look like.

While keeping the hospital’s logo and navigation bar intact, and maintaining the graphic style of the main site, the practice comes alive on the page. Elimination of non-practice sidebar items certainly helps – they occur on most other pages of the hospital site and can easily be spared an appearance here.


Facilitating Easy Access

These areas are much better put to use promoting the practice itself – that’s what the viewer came here for – providing many ways for the viewer to get to the information they’re looking for with just a single click. The graphic buttons in the sidebar enable the practice to focus attention on their featured services, and the buttons across the bottom give quick access into all the necessary workings of the practice.

In our Premium Package, the group physicians photo (in the example above) can be part of a rotating slideshow, featuring different aspects of the practice (physician photos, doctor/patient action shots, facility photos, staff photos, etc.), giving some life to a mostly static website.