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HG siteThe Highland Group, LLC

We’ve been creating medical practice websites since 2000 – back when physicians generally thought medical practice marketing was a little bit unethical. We were able to show how a practice website was much more than a marketing tool; a good site saved the front office staff a great deal of time, allowed patients to fill out forms before their appointments, provided a great deal of medical information for the patients and their families, and on and on.

That was over 16 years ago! The state-of-the-art has advanced considerably since then, and we’ve been right on the leading edge all along. It seems like only yesterday when HIPAA first came about and we quickly got all our customers’ sites compliant (something that never quite seems to end). We’ve continued through the years with:

  • Our proprietary Secure Online Patient Forms system and HIPAA-compliant E-mail system.
  • Providing comprehensive health information content through a partnership with McKesson Corp’s Relay Health division.
  • Partnering with the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery to place their patient education content on their members’ websites.
  • Developing a high-functioning Content Management System to give the control of their websites back to the practices.
  • The development of our Responsive Design program, which makes each website fully readable on any mobile device.

At the same time, we’ve developed several comprehensive physician and hospital directories, providing no-charge listings for each physician, practice and hospital in several metropolitan areas. We’ve developed several organizational websites/directories for PHOs (physician-hospital organizations), IPAs (independent physician associations) and others.

Now, seeing the writing on the wall, we’re venturing into the creation of the first and only (as far as we know!) program to develop the web presence of hospital-acquired physician practices. We’re excited about the possibilities of this project, and just a little anxious to see how it will be accepted. Although after all, we’ve been out in front quite often over the years and we haven’t guessed wrong yet...

Thanks for your consideration!

The Highland Group, LLC