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We know you’re probably too busy to look at everything we have to offer here, so we’ll provide the easy way out with our Frequently Asked Questions page. It’s a compilation of the things we hear from both hospital administration people and practice staff. If you have any questions of your own that aren’t answered here, please contact us and maybe you’ll see your question here next time you visit...

Our Hospital Practice Websites program provides an easy, economical way for hospital-acquired practices to get a modern, effective web presence.
They usually get a page or two, which are difficult to find for both people and search engines, and don’t provide anything close to what patients are expecting. So, no...
Maybe more important than ever. The Internet is what people turn to first when looking for healthcare information, and medical practice websites have evolved over the years to provide a wealth of education, resources and interaction with the practice. This is what today’s patient has come to expect.
Yes. And quite well. Our program creates practice sites that duplicate the format and main navigation of the hospital site; most viewers never realize that they’re on a separate website.
Nearly all hospitals who have acquired practices have a link on their site titled “Our Physicians” or “Our Practices” or something similar. Once our program is in place, that link is just changed to point to our Practice Portal page.
The Practice Portal lists all practices in the hospital’s employ, with a link to that practice’s pages. There is also an area map with each practice’s location identified (including multiple locations).
Ideally. The Practice Portal page lists every practice that we’re building a site for, so if a practice gets left out, it won’t appear at all on the portal. Also, we’re able to keep our pricing so low based on volume – if we’re only building sites for a few of a hospital’s practices we won’t be able to offer this pricing schedule.
They’ll be taken directly to the Home Page, which displays graphic links to all the other practice pages, as well as a description of the practice’s services and anything else they desire to display.
There are several that we suggest, including the First Visit, Patient Portal, Providers, Location and Featured Services. There are many other types of pages that can be displayed instead of or in addition to (for a moderate surcharge – contact us for details) these suggestions.
Not at all – these are just our suggestions. As long as all the practices in the group can each use the same types of pages, we’ll be happy to create the pages in any format you’d like.
For new patients, the First Visit page could be the most useful. It’s where the patient learns what they need to do before and what to bring to their first visit. Anything to smooth the paperwork and complications at that visit is a real help to the front office staff.
A direct link is certainly possible, but it often goes to a page that asks for a username and password and says very little else. Our Patient Portal page gives potential and existing patients an informational gateway to your portal login page. Many newer patients are hesitant to get started in this area – a friendly explanation of what they’ll encounter makes a big difference.
Featured Services page highlights whichever service the practice would like to draw special attention to, either because it’s new, hard to find in the area, underutilized, or just a very profitable part of the practice. These pages can be changed out for other versions to take advantage of seasonal demand.
Armed with little more than a list of the hospital’s practices, we’ll put together a prototype of the Practice Portal and a typical practice Home Page and submit it to the hospital for approval. Once agreed upon, we’ll start building the practice pages with all the information available (we can often access their old websites, even though they’re not live on the web anymore) and only then submit them to the practice for their approval, and then to the hospital.
We’ve been building medical practice websites exclusively, for over 16 years. With that, we have a pretty good feel for what works and what doesn’t, for what needs to be on a medical site and what shouldn’t, and how to keep the pages totally HIPAA-compliant.
Everything we build will be hosted on our dedicated server – there’s no need to involve your IT people except to point the “Our Practices” link on your site to our Practice Portal page.
Nothing at all, for basic text changes. Substantial changes to a page usually never get billed above $50 and brand new pages are capped at $90 each.
There will never be any ePHI on our server from any of the practices, nor will we ever allow it to be asked for or collected (Our Premium Package includes an Appointment Request form, for which all ePHI is saved on a HIPAA-complaint 3rd party server). We’ll be happy to sign a BAA if requested by your legal people.
There are several different levels of access we can assign to each user, ranging from the ability to add, change or delete any element on any page at will, to access levels that require someone you designate to approve any change before it's published.
All practice sites are hosted on our dedicated business-class server, which is guaranteed 100% uptime by our hosting company. Whenever any change is made to any site, it’s backed up to a cloud server before the day is over.