Program Development

fotolia 34420767We’ve been working long enough with hospitals to know how busy their people are. In much the same way we’ve been building practice websites for all these years, we’ll spend as little of your staff’s time as possible to get a good idea of how they want things to work, put together a prototype for their approval, and then hit the ground running. Likewise, we won’t take up very much of the practice’s time at all, from start to finish.

It Couldn’t Get Any Easier

We know exactly what a medical practice website needs to say, and just how to say it. After a brief initial consultation with the hospital marketing people, we’ll create a prototype home page for one of the practices. The page will contain a duplicate of the hospital website masthead along with all main navigation, as well as matching all fonts and colors. Once the design is approved, we’ll start gathering information on all the practices (we can often access their old websites, even though they’re not live on the web anymore). We’ll contact the practice and get whatever information we don’t already have, and start building practice pages. After passing them by the practice and the hospital marketing staff for approval, all that has to happen is for the hospital webmaster to link to our site and all the practices are up and running.